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Tirygon to

Tirygon-to, The City of Waterfalls, is the capital city of the Empire of Keimusho.

Also the birthplace of the Empire, as well as the site of the defeat of the ancient undead warlord, Li Kong Zhuan. Tirygon-to is the largest and most populous city within the Empire of Keimusho and is the home of the Imperial Family, the Qorchi Kyodai-chi clan and the headquarters of the Onmyoji. The city is surrounded by massive, kyodai-chi forged walls and is designed to withstand an extended siege against any enemy. Also see the Glossary entry for Keimusho for more information.

Tirygon-to is known for it’s unusual domed architecture, various water features, including it’s extensive canal system, the many fountains and, of course, the waterfalls that can be found throughout the city. The most awe-inspiring of these is the wonderous floating sky-palace of the Imperial Family. Regardless of where one is within the city, the sound of running water is an ever-present companion, ranging from the gentle, soothing trickling of the nearby canals to the roaring waterfalls of the Imperial Palace. The citizens of the Empire of Keimusho believe that water features of all sorts attract good luck and nowhere is this embodied more than in the capital city.

After the Great Plague of 17 years ago which caused the death of the late Empress, Yori Akimoto, as well as the death of tens of thousands of Keimushan citizens across the empire, Emperor Gonkuro ordered a massive public works project to improve the sewer and drainage systems throughout the empire. Emperor Gonkuro diverted a large amount of his clan’s own money towards the project which lasted several years, a gesture which gained the respect of many of the common people, but which also drew predatory attention from certain noble family rivals who saw the then financially-weakened Imperial family as a prime target for distabilization.

While many of the older sewer tunnels were filled in, rumours abound that secret tunnels still exist beneath the buildings and streets of many of Keimusho’s major cities.

Look and Feel

Jian-Lao Qorchi, the inspired architect-onmyoji who designed Tirygon-to, was said to have been touched by the gods when he crafted the many unique features of Tirygon-to. Many of the features were cutting edge, including the extensive canal system, the many curved-scoop water wheels that drive the city’s industry, the distributed defensible towers and the imported, transparent frosteel windows. It is believed that Jian-Lao poured so much of his heart and soul into the city that he was a spent vessel once the city was complete, though the Qorchi will only say that Jian-Lao is comfortably cloistered within the Qorchi district as a reward for his efforts.

Jian-Lao’s Legacy is one of the most beautiful, unique cities of Kes.

The city seems even larger than it is due to the airy and spacious design, with a multitude of walkways spanning over the canals and waterfalls at various heights. Massive, easily defended bridges can be retracted into the huge, domed towers that proudly stand at the junction to the entry of each district, with Imperial Police Force stationed at every such junction tower.

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