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A Kiyoshi Celestial-Bloodline Onmyoji


It is believed that kiyoshi were somehow spawned by Li Kong Zhuan, The Blood Tyrant, during the final years of his reign. The kiyoshi were sent by The Blood Tyrant as spies to keep his increasingly restless vassals in check, but the rebellion by the kiyoshi leading to the annihilation of the Blood Shadow Ninja is seen as the first major event that ultimately caused The Blood Tyrant’s downfall.

Now the kiyoshi wander the face of Kes hunting the barely remembered fragments of their lives.

Think: Cunning; Elusive; Tough; Grim.


Perhaps it was a twist of fate or a flaw in their creation, but kiyoshi are unable to abide the presence or existence of most other undead (aside from other kiyoshi and a rare few others). Just as they are unable to abide other undead, kiyoshi are strongly drawn to the living. Contact with the living allows them to attain even more glimpses of their lives and, while some are overcome with despair, far more are drawn to discover more.

Their deeply seated hatred of undead, coupled with the symbiotic draw of the living and and their unnatural abilities lead many kiyoshi to become tireless undead hunters.

Physical Description

Kiyoshi steel tornado form kensai

A Kiyoshi Steel Tornado kensai

Racial Characteristics

Armor Class: Natural armor +4

  • Undead qualities, except as noted below.
  • Darkvision 60 feet
  • Life Sense feat (Libris Mortis, pg 28)
  • Detect Undead (Sp) : at will, as per spell.
  • DR 5/Pure (improves to 10/Pure at 10th level, 15/Pure at 15th level and 20/Pure at 20th level)
  • Dark Resilience (Su):
    • The source of the ongoing prevalence of undead is no real mystery – the world is full of latent negative energy.
    • At 1st level, kiyoshi are able to draw upon this latent negative energy to gain Fast Healing 2 .
    • At 10th level, this ability changes to Regeneration 2 (acid/fire) .
    • Also at 10th level, the kiyoshi has the option to transfer a portion of their essence to an item. This ritual takes seven days, costs 10,000gp in rare components (all consumed during the ritual or used to create the phylactery) and causes the kiyoshi to permanently lose 10 hitpoints which are transferred to the phylactery. After this ritual has been conducted, even if completely physically destroyed, the kiyoshi’s spirit, strength of will and connection to Kes are so strong that their body reforms in 4d4 days near their phylactery. If the phylactery is stored in a blessed area, the kiyoshi is unable to reform his body and is stuck on The Low Road until such a time as the phylactery is moved outside of the blessed area.
  • Natural Cunning (Ex) :
    • As a result of the foul rites which created them, kiyoshi are imbued with an innate cunning and discerning logic. This gives kiyoshi an immunity to maze spells and prevents them from ever becoming lost. Further, they are never caught flat-footed.
  • Kiyoshi are immune to morale and fear effects.
  • As creatures who have have walked and returned from The Low Road, few honey-tongued words are able to sway the grim kiyoshi. Other creatures suffer a +10 to the DC for Persuasion checks made to influence the kiyoshi.
  • Kiyoshi do not breathe, eat, or sleep and are ageless.
  • Daylight Disguise, Moonlight Surprise (SP) :
    • A constant effect as per the veil spell, with the exception that the ability fails under the light of all three of Kes’ moons.


  • Ghoul Touch at will as per the spell, without the stench effect. DC is Charisma based.
  • A kiyoshi’s natural weapons are considered Tainted and Magical for the purposes of overcoming Damage Resistance.
  • All melee weapons wielded by kiyoshi are considered Tainted and Magical for the purposes of overcoming Damage Resistance.
  • Kiyoshi are proficient with their natural weapons and have a slam attack (1d8 dmg).


  • Kiyoshi are not immune to mind affecting effects.
  • Hunger :
    • Kiyoshi must feed each day from the living. Those who do not risk temporarily being weakened (equivalent of the sickened condition) or, in the case of prolonged periods where the kiyoshi does not feed, there is a chance that the kiyoshi will attack the nearest living creature and drink it’s life essence until the kiyoshi has drained it’s soul.
    • For each day without feeding, the kiyoshi automatically suffers the sickened condition and must make a Will save DC 15 + 1 per day without feeding or grow irrationally ravenous, lose control and attack the nearest living creature to satiate its thirst.
    • The kiyoshi’s slam attack heals the kiyoshi of an equal amount of hit points as it deals and is a part of the feeding process that keeps them animate. The kiyoshi can forgo the slam attack if a subject is willing or helpless. If a subject is helpless, the kiyoshi uses a full-round action to deliver an attack that automatically hits and scores a critical hit. (A rogue also gets his sneak attack damage bonus against a helpless foe when delivering a feeding attack in this manner.) In this instance, the kiyoshi drains the full 16hp damage (1d8 x 2 for the crit). Feeding in this manner provokes attacks of opportunity.
  • Taint score of 1 per 5 character levels
    • While kiyoshi are immune to the physical effects of Taint, the Taint inherent in their form makes them more susceptible to control by certain dark entities, suffering a -1/1 point of Taint to all savings throws against spells or spell-like abilities such entities.

A kiyoshi has a slam attack as its primary natural weapon.

Str +2
Dex +4
Cha +4

Kiyoshi magus

A Kiyoshi Magus


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