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Yuki onna by unredeem

An Odoshi Winter Witch


It is believed that odoshi are the spirits of righteous samurai who were torn from their bodies by Li Kong Zhuan, The Blood Tyrant, during the final years of his reign. The Blood Tyrant sent the odoshi to spy upon his increasingly restless vassals, but the rebellion by the odoshi and kiyoshi lead to the events which would ultimately cause his downfall.

Now the odoshi wander The Low Road, shadowing Kes, hunting the barely remembered fragments of their lives.

Think: Elusive; Ghostly; Grim; Righteous Dead.


Perhaps it was a twist of fate or a flaw in their creation, but like their kiyoshi cousins, the odoshi are unable to abide the presence or existence of most other undead (aside from other odoshi, kiyoshi and a rare few others). Just as they are unable to abide other undead, odoshi are strongly drawn to righteous causes. Contact with the living allows them to attain even more glimpses of their lives and, while some are overcome with despair, far more are drawn to discover more.

Their deeply seated hatred of undead, coupled with the symbiotic draw of the living and and their unnatural abilities lead many odoshi to become tireless undead hunters.

Odoshi are often found in the company of similarly minded kiyoshi.

Physical Description

Odoshi crusader

An Odoshi Crusader of Bosatsu, The Whisperer

Racial Characteristics

Armor Class: Deflection bonus to AC equal to the odoshi’s Charisma bonus.

  • Undead qualities, except as noted below.
  • Incorporeal (ex)
  • Darkvision 60 feet
  • Life Sense feat (Libris Mortis, pg 28)
  • Detect Undead (SP) : at will, as per spell.
  • DR 3/Pure or Silver (improves to 6/Pure or Silver at 10th level, 9/Pure and Silver at 15th level and 12/Pure and Silver at 20th level)
  • Rejuvenation (Su) :
    • It is difficult to destroy an odoshi through simple combat: the “destroyed” spirit restores itself to awareness in 1d12 hours. After restoring its awareness, the odoshi is slow to react as it finishes regathering its essence and is the equivalent of exhausted for 12 hours. An exhausted character moves at half speed, cannot run or charge, and takes a –6 penalty to Strength and Dexterity.
  • Odoshi are immune to morale and fear effects.
  • As creatures who regularly travel The Low Road and return to the land of the living, few honey-tongued words are able to sway the grim odoshi. Other creatures suffer a +10 to the DC for Persuasion checks made to influence the odoshi.
  • Odoshi do not breathe, eat, or sleep and are ageless.
  • Blur (SP) : Constant
    • Odoshi are only partially in the world of the living. As such, their outlines appear blurred, shifting, and wavering. This distortion grants the odoshi concealment (20% miss chance). A see invisibility spell does not counteract the blur effect, but a true seeing spell does. Opponents that cannot see the odoshi ignore the blur effect (though fighting an unseen odoshi carries penalties of its own).
  • Speak with Dead (SP) :
    • Odoshi regularly travel The Low Road and as such may speak with dead as per the spell at will, using their character level as caster level.
  • +8 racial bonus to Stealth, may take 10 on Stealth checks and Stealth is always considered a class skill.
  • Unlikely Magician :
    • Odoshi were drawn from the ranks of warriors, which meant that precious few were onmyoji (users of magic). As such, no odoshi may have more than half of their character levels in magic-casting classes (including warlock, greenbonds, etc).


  • An odoshi’s natural weapons are considered Tainted and Magical for the purposes of overcoming Damage Resistance.


  • Taint score of 1 per 5 character levels
  • Odoshi are susceptible to protection from evil.
  • Sunlight Vulnerability (Su) :
    • As undead spirits that have become accustomed to the dim, colourless lighting conditions of The Low Road, odoshi are considered sickened when in sunlight.
  • Resurrection Vulnerability (Su):
    • A raise dead or similar spell cast on an odoshi banishes it to The Low Road (Will negates). Using the spell in this way does not require a material component.
    • The only way to permanently destroy an odoshi is to determine the location of any part of its physical remains and cast resurrection upon it. This reunites the spirit with the body and ends its undead existence. If the odoshi’s physical remains have already been completely destroyed, then the odoshi can not be destroyed by this method.
  • Odoshi are not immune to mind affecting effects.


  • Odoshi are proficient with their natural weapons and have an incorporeal touch attack (1d6 hit points +1d4 Strength damage).

Dex +4
Wis +4
Cha +4


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