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This wiki has been created to support play within the Empire of Bloody Tears, a campaign setting designed for use with the D20 (3.x, Arcana Evolved and Pathfinder) system rules.

The campaign is named for the blood-red blossoms that hold the restless dead at bay, in an empire built by great heroes, ruled by mighty daimyo, touched by the Spirit World, marauded by titanic beasts and steeped in mystical ceremony. The setting is influenced by historical and mythological Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Mongolia, India and Nepal, as well as martial arts and wuxia movies, anime, clockwork, HP Lovecraft and a bunch of other stuff.

Campaign World of Kes

Empire of Keimusho


Weird and the Wonderful

Coming Eventually….

This wiki is being updated with more information when I get time and as the need arises. Some of the future updates will include:

* Clearer designation of Product Identity and Open Game Content

* A gazetteer for the Empire of Keimusho and the surrounding nations

* A map of Keimusho

* A map of Kakushi-do, the continent that Keimusho resides upon

* A map of Haruka-do, the southern continent with steaming jungles and the remnants of forgotten empires.

* A calendar, including holy days for the various deities

* A list of some of the martial arts societies that PCs may encounter or join

* A list of some of the groups that PCs can interact with and possibly join, including guilds, secret societies and government departments

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