Cities of Keimusho

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Also see Provinces of Keimusho for more details.

The table below has a list of the cities within the Empire of Keimusho. The numbers on the left hand side are map references (for when the map is finally added to the wiki).



City NumberCity NamePopulation (000s)LeaderPrinciple Deity WorshippedPrinciple TradeNotes of Interest
17Rinako-to85Lord Mamoru KondoSy-Ikama, Mountain ShouldersSteel, worked metal goods (weapons and armour in the minority), stone, stonecrafts, gemstones, Ironbark wood, Nagah-made goods 
18 Keitaro-to 75Lord Masahiro YosashiOhoyama The ForgerWeapons, armour, steel, iron ore, copper ore, gold, gemstones, stone and stonecrafts 
25 Shunsen-to 105Lord Shigekazu AmoyoBosatsu The WhispererFish, leather goods, wood crafts 
26 Yamada-to 65Lord Kenzo EnomotoLaari No-Ichidar, Singer of JoySeafood, wood crafts, textiles. 
28 Genmei-to 55Lord Ryuji SatoUzume, Earth MotherWoodcrafts (especially casks and kegs for ale and wine), fine wine (centred in a wine region), ale, wheat, barley 
29 Iesada-to 60Lord Juniyojo MuraguchiUzume, Earth MotherFowl, cattle, sheep, pigs (the region is known for it’s top quality pork), leathercrafts, wheat, barley 
30 Zekiyo-to 135Lord Tetsuzen ShintaroKujiga, War FatherWeapons, armour, some metal goods, wheat, barleyLarge Imperial military base
31 Gan-to 100Lord Jinzaburo GotaiTan-Guun, Bringer of OrderBows, arrows, scimitars, katanas, wakazashi, various grains 
32 Dyisi-to 65Lord Kanaye JitsuIzanami, Mistress of the SeaShips (trade, mostly fast coasters), fowl, wheat, barley, honey 
33Tirygon-to220Lord Benjiro HosokawaThe ShudanAnything legal, especially stone and stonecrafts from the Veil of Sy-Ikama.Imperial capital
34 Rokkaku-to 110Lord Yushiro OkudaThe ShudanReligious items, wooden and stone carvingsThe religious centre of the empire
35 Fligre-to 70Lord Tademasa SenmatsuUzume, Earth MotherLimited herb trade, rock elephants 
36 Jocosa-to 80Lord Junzo BaikuAshakar, The Wind of FateHerbs, spices, wood, woodcrafts, fowl, various grains 
37 Kyosho-to 50Lord Hoyt IyasuO-Ninn Darii, Keeper of MysteriesRare fish (mainly lake carp); herbs and spices; a variety of Konu-made goods, including rare spider-silk cloth. 
38 Akemi-to 65Lord Kozue YukaoJurojin, The Black WandererRare wood (found only on Isle of Akemi-to), goats and goat-related products (cheese, hides, horns, goat-hide armour), musical instruments, seafoodAlso known as the City of the Sun’s Blessing for the bright red, orange and yellow stone that the city walls were crafted from.
39 Imichio-to 70Lord Yosuke UshibaLosi, Lady of PurityShips (trade only, deep ocean only) 
40 Iwayama-to 100Lord Takei HirofumiHodero, Sharer of BountiesGeneral trade, silver 
41 Heiji-to 110Lord Sadayoshi AkimotoIzanami, Mistress of the SeaShips (trade ships are sold, but war ships are also made, mostly deep ocean)Large Imperial naval base
42 Watahomi-to 80Lord Tanjiro OsazuAn-Odekr, The BalancerSeafood, pearls, ships (trade – high quality but small production) 
43 Oki-to 90Lord Daisuke ChikamatsuLosi, Lady of PurityTextiles (mostly coarse materials), wood, wood crafts, herbal remedies 
44 Koji-to 75Lord Yugoro HideyoshiLosi, Lady of PurityTextiles (mostly coarse materials), wood, wood crafts, snow tigers 
45 Tamaki-to 80Lord Arinori NetsujukoLosi, Lady of PurityTextiles (mostly finer materials), wood, Konu-made goods 

Cities of Keimusho

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