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daikaiju : The Great Beasts – creatures of massive size and awesome power, the daikaiju are beasts the size of mountains. They are believed to be the children of Uzume, The Earth Mother, from a time long before even the Elder Races had been birthed, no two of which are exactly the same. While there are believed to only be a small handful of the daikaiju in existence, they are mighty enough that the presence of even one of these creatures is akin to an unstoppable force of nature. The majority of the daikaiju are believed to sleep deep beneath the earth and seas for thousands of years at a time.

keimushan tiger : This huge breed of tiger is more intelligent than its more common, smaller cousin and often trained as mounts. Once trained, they are fiercely loyal to their bonded riders and will fight to the death to protect them. For this reason, they are highly prized and treated with a great amount of care and respect. The keimushan tigers fur changes with the seasons and offers excellent camouflage in natural surroundings. Some noble families in keimusho are known for breeding the tigers for use by their household guard.

manticore :


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